ZiwiPeak Dog Food - A Rising Star!

ZiwiPeak Dog Food has been formulated, by a panel of animal nutritionists, to mimic the natural balance that would be found in food, if the animal was hunting, and eating, in the wild.

This has resulted in an uncomplicated canned dog food recipe that certainly delivers!


Perhaps it is what IS NOT in ZiwiPeak that is winning them fans world-wide (now available in UK).

No fillers, no artificial preservatives, no grains, no colors, no salt, no sugar, free of chemicals, free of antibiotics and free of hormones!

Furthermore you will not a Harvard Degree to understand the ingredients list either. Meat products are given as a percentage of the included ingredients.

Pretty impressive stuff, and a great example of how to keep things simple whilst delivering far and above many competitors.

In comparison to many of their competitors the ZiwiPeak canned dog food range is limited, however what they have is, in many ways, a far superior product.

It is chock full of great stuff for dogs of all life stages.

A Plus.

On a health note ZiwiPeak may well suit some dogs with allergies, as it is deemed to be hypo-allergenic.

Animal meat comes from ranch raised stock.

Rising Star.

This brand and product is becoming a rising star amongst discerning dog owners, who are also liking the air dried pouch product.

It is a brand, and product range, that is certainly worthy of your consideration.

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