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Waggers Essentials is an information and store page about services and products that you may find helpful, in giving you and your dog a more enjoyable experience of life together.

I have learnt everything of what is here during my search and research for dog-food-aid.com and it has been great stuff for me to find out about, so I thought I would share with you.

Let's get started and most of all......


Wheelchair for dogs

These are such a good option for dogs that cannot get around much any more because of hip area problems.


I have seen people using baby walkers but this option allows the dog to do all stuff dogs love to do - sniff, run free and enjoy what they want to enjoy!

Have a look at the video by clicking on the image

Walkin Wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

Breed Specific Gifts and Jewelry

I just love this store for the variety of merchandise available that is specific to a breed - of which there are something like 120 breeds you can select from!

So grab something for yourself or friend / family member from the extensive range - there really is something for everyone even tooth picks!

Animal Den - Gift Shop for Animal Lovers!

Personalized Gear for You or Your Dog

Whether you want an apron, hoodie or T-shirt with your selected text or image on it, this is where to go.

There is also an exclusive range of designs to choose from.

For your dog how about a personalized bed, car seat, blanket, collar and leash, you'll be surprised at the range available!

Maybe a bracelet with charms that have pics of your dog/s on them, plus a jewelry box to keep it in!

Plenty to choose from so something for everyone here.

Don't stop...Don't stop!!

Do you get that look when you are giving your dog a rub and pat all over their body?

Well think how much more they are going to enjoy a MASSAGE!!

This canine massage professional shares all the techniques that will send your dog to paradise - a worthy reward for our best friend of unconditional love don't you think!


Great Range of Quality Food

It is really heartwarming to find a store that "specializes" in a range of foods that are better for our pets and "The Only Natural Pet Store" has taken the challenge to do just that.

You can even phone or email them for "expert advice" if there is something that you are not sure about.

Full range of products - pet foods, vitamins and supplements, treats and chews, fleas and ticks, grooming and cleaning, pet gear and toys.

Shop by health concerns and find healthy pet solutions.

Yep a one stop shop for everything!

Click on the banner below and take a look inside the store - I doubt you'll be sorry!

Do you know about these?

It's a pretty novel idea - License ID cards for our dogs!

These are available for all 50 States of the USA.

Have a look by clicking on the banner.

Life-Like Stuffed Dogs

I am a sucker for these and they are great as a gift for young and old or perhaps as a reminder of a passed loved dog or maybe just for sitting on the bed or couch.

Click on the image choose the breed and all is revealed!

Holistic Vet Help

I am fortunate that I am fairly close to a holistic vet and can therefore get two healing options should I have a dog that is ill - the holistic method or the "manufactured" method.

If you would like to know what holistic options are available you can have a look into the publication by Dr Andrew Jones DVM.

Get more information by clicking on this image

Personalized Pet Collars and Handcrafted Tags

I do have personalized collars (and tags and microchip!!)just in case!

Only one of my three has a habit of finding "Houdini escape and explore the world" spots - despite my best efforts to have all options covered - all three do have their own personalized ID stuff.

Click the image to see some options

Dog ID Tags

Natural Health Supplements for Dogs.

Wherever possible for health problems or just plain prevention of possible problems or health issues I always look at natural healing and prevention options.

Here's an option for natural healing and prevention products - this page will take you to the list of dog conditions / issues and a link to the recommended product/s - click on the image.

To Insure Or Not To Insure?

To me it comes down to how would you feel if your dog needed expensive surgery or treatment and the answer to this question

"Will I always be able to pay to keep my dog/s alive or will I have to make a terrible decision?"

If money will never be a problem then maybe not required.

Good saver of money and you can set aside some money each week then 50% of the way there - why only 50%? - well what happens if the money is needed before enough has been saved up to cover the expenses?

One thing is for sure Pet insurance is worth considering and here is where you can get options and a quote by clicking on this image

Great as a back up or less cost option

Ever needed your vet and it's out of hours......or it's a day the clinic is not open?

Ever wanted to ask your vet something but the consultation cost stops you from doing it?

This 24hr - 7 days online vet service is a great "peace of mind" option and the best part is you pay an agreed fee that is only billed once you are satisfied - works for me!!

I Love a bargain - how about you?

It's always good to share a money saving offer and this is one very good offer!

Have a look at all of what is included for such a low price of $7 and I'm sure you'll agree it's a must have.

Click Here!

for further information on how to get $230+ value for just $7


Save SO much money by doing your own grooming - all you've got to do is get the "know how" on DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY.

Hey, you might even want to do other peoples for a "reasonable" exchange of dollars or goods!

Get this information from a "pro" and start enjoying making your dog look good!

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