Vegan Dog Food

Researching Vegan Dog Food was a minefield!

So many of the products available include ingredients that I prefer to steer clear of.

You need to be as aware of what ingredients are being used and what ones are not acceptable.

View my "better off without them" ingredients list by using this link (opens new window)


Next to confuse was the various form of some of the ingredients, some of which are acceptable to the vegan regime and some which are not, depending upon their original source.

Help is here!

Ingredients of a Vegan Dog Food Recipe has its' own challenges and to give you an insight into that challenge I am choosing to use a list compiled by James O'Heare who is the author / webmaster of the "Vegan Dog Nutrition Association website.

You will find;

BRANDS of qualifying Dog Foods and Treats

"MAYBE" qualifies

"NOT" qualifying (couple of surprises there!)

here's the link (new window)

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Please Be Aware.

Some dogs may not tolerate a diet that does not contain meat, as I mentioned in my Vegetarian Dog Food section. This fact is also borne out by James O'Heare in one of his product reviews.

Monitor your dog for any signs of skin irritation, dull coat, eyes that are not sparkling, lacking in energy or being lethargic and consult with a vet or a specialist Vegan vet such as Dr Armaiti May DVM, who will consult via telephone or email - you can use this link to find out more about Dr May (new window)

Vegan Vet

At all times our dogs' health must be foremost in our mind, and not our own preferences, so if there is a problem it is either best to find a solution with specialist help, or allow the dog to join another family.

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