RAW DOG FOOD - Dr B's version.

Raw Dog Food feeders are either for, or against, including vegetables.

Let me help the debate along.

Two of the worlds' oldest dogs were Bluey (Australia) 29+ years who lived on Kangaroo and Emu meat, and Bramble (United Kingdom) 27+ years who was vegetarian - hmmmm!

I think it is fair to say go whichever way you feel comfortable with.

Here we will be focusing on BARF, Dr. B's way.

Dr. Ian Billinghurst is an Australian vet who opened his own practice in 1976.

At that time Dr. B. (as he seems to becoming known as) was feeding his dogs the same way as many other people were of that era, and many more years prior to then, - raw bones from the butcher and scraps from household food preparation.

This was probably a follow on effect from his, and other, parents who would have had to make "adjustments" in the recovery years after the second World War, which saw food rationing in many parts of the world.

In those days buying a commercial product would not have been an option for many families - and MINE was one of them!

Fast Forward 1982.

As the Billinghurst family had started to show and breed dogs Dr. B., in his own words, decided he should "heed the advice of my veterinary training" and not his (unknown to him then) early version of BARF raw dog food.

His veterinary training had "taught me that a diet based on raw meaty bones and household scraps was a very poor way to feed pet cats and dogs. We had been taught commercial pet food was the ultimate in pet nutrition" he says, on his website section "Discovering BARF".

Advice to his clients was to feed a "scientifically formulated complete and balanced commercial product"

Dr B wanted the best for his dogs so he switched their food and took the advice that he was giving to his clients.

Health Deteriorated.

According to Dr. B. the health of his dogs started to deteriorate within 4-6 months, and he was beginning to see the same range of problems, with his dogs, as those being presented in his clinic of dogs belonging to clients.

No reason is given as to what prompted him to stop feeding commercial pet food, and revert back to his old method of meaty bones and household scraps, but he says he "witnessed an incredible transformation" in his dogs' health when he returned to the raw dog food version.

A BARF Awareness.

In 1984 Dr. B. was studying acupuncture and at the same time was introduced to a broad range of complimentary healing practices including whole food nutrition. This lead him to read one of the Juliette de Bairacli Levy books, which was in inspiration for him.

Whilst he does not endorse everything in her book (they differ on bones) her book did make him believe his old method of feeding was preferable to giving his dogs commercial food.

Obviously Dr. B. did not stop there and the rest is, as they say, history!

Over the next few years if clients were interested they were given a paper "handout" on diet and with a continuing positive feedback it eventually led to his flagship book "Give Your Dog A Bone" being launched in 1993.

"Grow Your Pups With Bones" launched late 1998 and more recently we have seen the release of "The BARF Diet".

These books are not expensive and if you wish to get the word from one of the "Gurus" of raw dog food, then they would be well worth buying.

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