Plants and Your Dog - Be Toxic Aware

Some plants and your dog are just not a match. In fact it could lead to a deadly outcome!

I have never had dogs trying to eat plants or bulbs, but I can see that if a dog is bored it may well chew on them - especially bulbs.

It would be best to always keep bulbs stored high and out of the reach of your dog.

As a quick reference guide I have combined information from the FDA and ASPCA, to create a "short list" for possible toxic problems between plants and your dog.

Further down this page you will find two links which will take you to ASPCA pages that are crammed full with great in-depth information, including pictures and symptoms to look for.

On the second link, after the poisonous varieties a list appears of safe plants which if you only select from will give you peace of mind that the plants and your dog will live in harmony!

A list of some household items to keep your dog away from follows this plant section.

Common Problem Short List.

* Aloe Vera * Amaryllis * Autumn Crocus * Azalea/Rhododendron * Castor Bean * Chrysanthemums * Cyclamen * Daphne * Dogbane * English Iv * Foxglove * Kalanchoe * Lilies * Lily of the Valley * Marijuana * Mountain Laurel * Oleander * Peace Lily (AKA Mauna Loa Peace Lily) * Poinsettia * Pothos * Rhododendron * Rosary Pea * Sago Palm * Schefflera * Stinging Nettle * Tulip/Narcissus bulbs * Yew bushes

Allergy Free Garden

If you have been to my Dog Food Allergies page you will already had a link to the allergy free gardening information that lets you know of some common plants that can cause allergies in your dog.

If you have not visited that site it has some photographs and information that will be of great help.

Links for further Excellent Information.

These next two links will take you to ASPCA pages that so far I have found to be the most comprehensive.

Not only will you find information on the plant but there are photographs, symptoms and degree of danger shown.

New windows will open for each link.

This first ASPCA link takes you to the 17 Poisonous Plants listing;

ASPCA List of 17 poisonous plants

On this second ASPCA information page you will find a surprisingly long list of where you could encounter problems between poisonous plants and dogs.

Just click on the blue name, of the plant, and you will see all of the information you need;

Comprehensive List of Safe and Unsafe Plants

Toxic Household Items

Keep these out of reach from an inquisitive dog because in most cases the product can be fatal if ingested;

* Antifreeze * Fabric softener sheets * Household Cleaners - bleach, toilet, etc. * Ice melting products * Insecticides * Liquid potpourri * Rat and mouse bait * Snail bait - very common * Swimming pool chemicals - dry and liquid

Now you know danger areas between poisonous plants and dogs, plus household chemicals.

If, despite your best efforts, your dog does still manage to eat, or chew on, any of these toxic items it would be best to contact a vet, or poison center, urgently. Delaying that call could be so disastrous.

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