Organic Dog Foods - New Zealand

Organic Dog Foods do not appear to be manufactured in New Zealand, but that may change with time so maybe a telephone call to the company OrganicFarm NZ might be of help as they are Organic Certifiers.

Use the following link (opens new window) for more information and contact details for OrganicFarm NZ

OrganicFarm NZ


This Certified product is available in New Zealand and imported by Petware of Auckland, who are wholesale distributors to pet shops and vet clinics.

Their website "" will give you details of the product and their up to date contact information.


Made in Australia this is another imported product available in New Zealand.

Main ingredients for this product are wholegrain cereals and cereal by-products.

No meat or vegetables.

"Cereal by-products" could be anything but based on what I know about "meat by-products" I can only say this product would not be a feeding option for my dogs!

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