Organic Dog Foods - Australia

Organic Dog Foods are few and far between in Australia.

In fact Australians would say they are "scarcer than hens teeth"!

In Australia the largest accredited Organic Certifier is Australian Certified Organic (ACO), which is a subsidiary of Biological Farmers Australia (BFA), the largest Organic farmers collective in Australia.

If you wish to view the BFA website click the following link (new window opens)

This is what Wikipedia has to say about the Australian Organic situation:

""In Australia, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) is the controlling body for organic certification because there are no domestic standards for organic produce within Australia. Currently the government only becomes involved with organic certification at export, meaning AQIS is the default certification agency. Although there is no system for monitoring the labeling of organic produce sold within Australia, this primarily affects the retail public. Commercial buyers for whom this is an issue have simply taken the export system as a de facto standard and are willing to pay premium prices for produce from growers certified under the National schemes. As of 2006, there are seven AQIS-approved certifying organisations authorised to issue Organic Produce Certificates"

Methinks there could be room for some improvement!


Biopet is, currently, the only Certified Organic Dog Food that I know of made in Australia, and the range simply consists of one adult product, one puppy product and a bone shaped biscuit.

No meat. No vegetables. Biopet is made from wholegrain cereals and cereal by-products, vegetable proteins, animal proteins, Omega 3 vegetable oil,sea salt and vitamin E natural preservatives.

Who knows what "cereal by-products" consist of because "by - products" in other forms of dog food are certainly not desirable ingredient inclusions!

If that is all that is available in Australia then there is certainly room for some local competition!

Other Options

Probably the easiest way to buy in Australia is via one of the online dog food suppliers. as it will still be classed as an "emerging" product by major stores.

"Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Organic Dog Food" - Certified by OCIA - is available online from Pet Organics.

Another option for Australian dog owners is to have a look at the "Organix" product, which is available online from Pookinuk.

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