Merrick Canned Dog Food - Outstanding!

Merrick Canned Dog Food is in a class of its' own!

To win the coveted recognition of the pro bono independent Glycemic Research Institute Award, for Pet Food of the Year, and to do that back to back over FIVE years (2005-2009) speaks volumes of just how good Merrick Dog Food really is!

You will only find this product on shelves in the US and Canada and then not on the "nationals" or so called "big box stores".

Merrick claims human grade meat ingredients, fruit and vegetables,no artificial colors,flavors or preservatives.

Meat, they say, accounts for a minimum 80% within their canned dog food product range.

All life stages is mentioned but read the recommended feeding levels on the label for differing applicable food amounts.

Entrees Range.

To read each product description through this range is just like reading a feel good story item! EXAMPLE; Turducken says in part'

"The delicious combination of turkey,duck and chicken all cooked together in their wonderful juices make even vegetarians reconsider their pledge"!

What more can I say!

Please note that a couple of recipes in this range include either corn or grain, so CHECK INGREDIENTS if you wish to avoid them.

Before Grain Range.

This is a 96% meat product that is grain free and whilst there is not as many offerings, in the recipes, there is enough variety to keep your dog interested!.

Whole Earth Formulas.

A limited, and the only, range from Merrick Dog Food that has an age specific recipe for Puppy, Adult and Senior life stages.

In a Class of its' Own!

Whichever way you look at the Merrick Canned Dog Food offerings you have to be impressed!

They are a "breath of fresh air" in their approach to the dog food industry market, and they have achieved a lot in a very short time frame.

Testament to that is since launching their canned dog food range, in 2003 with only 8 varieties, and then to start winning coveted awards so quickly thereafter, and for so many back to back years, I think the most suitable word is - OUTSTANDING!

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