Large Breed Puppy Food.

If the bigger breeds are your preference then a Large Breed Puppy Food is a must, to make sure of your puppy getting the right balance of protein, fat and calories.

Also taken into account are calcium, phosphorus and fiber levels.

Not to select a large breed formula can have drastic (and costly) repercussions, such as skeletal and joint problems, even hip dysplasia!

Wrong diet can result in too much rapid growth and that spells disaster - not only for your dogs health but also for your bank balance!

Our Winner Is!

St Bernard, Great Dane, Boxer, German Shepherd, and owners of breeds that I have never even heard of before, write testimonials and glowing reviews, on just how good Solid Gold Wolfcub Large Breed Puppy is, and those owners have good reason to like it.

The specially developed ingredient list includes everything a large puppy food needs, to give a well balanced diet.

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