Juliette de Bairacli-Levy : A Pioneer.

"Juilette" will be respectively used for ease of reference.

Juliette is acknowledged as being instrumental in challenging and changing the thinking of many in the animal care fraternity.

Indeed BARF "Guru" Dr Ian Billinghurst states he drew inspiration from her books although he does say that they do differ in opinion in some areas.

Juliette passed away in May of 2009, aged 96 years, but has left a legacy on animal care that will last forever.


Originally she went to university to study to become a veterinarian but stopped studying because she was unable to come to terms with the vivisection and experimentation on animals in the name of science.

Somehow this lady knew in her heart that there was a better way without cruelty, suffering and pain to animals and her quest for the answers began.

In fact her life was dedicated to this end.

For years she travelled many parts of the world and learnt from the likes of gypsies, nomads, peasants and other groups and tribes of people that lived their lives surviving solely on teachings from their forbearers for food and medicine.

From these and other encounters with like minded people, plus she has said what she learnt from parts of the Bible, her depth of knowledge and understanding was formed.

There are a number of accounts on how this animal health vcare pioneer has managed to save animal lives when veterinary practices of the day had failed or had no answer to the problem.

When her book The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable was released an article attributed to "Farmers Weekly" commented;

"every farmer should have this book for used with common sense in combination with modern veterinary and farming methods it could help us to avoid some of the mistakes stemming from unlimited use of chemical fertilizers insecticides antibiotics and the like"

Obviously those last two lines have not been heeded!

Trail Blazer.

This enlightened lady is author to a number of books and not only on health care for animals.

Many are out of print but "The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat" is still available along with some others for us humans.

A documentary film "Juliette of the Herbs" by Tish Streeton is also available for those who would like an insight into the life of this extraordinary lady.

Her life was to pioneer a better way for animal health and let us hope that her teachings never fade.

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