Homemade Dog Food Recipes - Warning!

Here's my WARNING about homemade dog food recipes.

When I did my search and research on this subject I found that you can get a lot of misinformation online with all sorts of people offering up their ideas on how to do it yourself.

Some of those recipes are quite scary!

Many people are putting stuff into their homemade dog foods that just should not be there! Plus in so many cases there are not any nutritional balance considerations being made.

If you are familiar with this website you will know I err on the side of caution, so rather than take the information from an unknown source I would rather look at advice from someone that has done their homework on the subject.

My focus for dog-food-aid is to let dog owners know what food options are available, and how to evaluate commercial dog food, but I know many dog owners will want further information on this option.

I have not done the homework on homemade dog food that the following two people have done.

My suggestion is that you look at the work done by these two people - one for raw food and the other for the cooked food alternative.

Either one of these methods puts you in complete control of what your dog eats. You are ensuring the best ingredient quality, and what is included, needless to say will your dog will benefit enormously.

RAW homemade dog food recipes from Maggie Rhines

This feeding option is just so easy to get right and is definitely gaining momentum amongst dog owners worldwide.

Homemade dog food recipes form part of the comprehensive information Maggie Rhines has in her eBook about raw feeding, which actually is an easy to understand step by step guide on the whole raw feeding option.

You will learn how to identify the food that meets the essential nutrient requirements that your dog needs, plus how much to feed - whether your dog is a big dog or a toy dog, normal weight, overweight, underweight, obese or pregnant.

There are special recipes for puppies and old dogs as well as some for health issues.

Learn her system on preparing your dog's food before hand - hygienically - there is no need to prepare food every day.Whether you are just starting out on the raw feeding option, or are already aware of BARF, there is something here for everyone.

You can get started now with this valuable information right here.

Next comes the information for those who prefer to feed a cooked homemade meal.

COOKED homemade dog food recipes from Andrew Lewis

Taste tantalizing cooked recipes that make my mouth water so I guess they must do the same for our dogs!

Andrew Lewis has been offering cooked dog food recipes for quite a number of years - ever since he found out about, and became disgusted with, what is allowed into commercial dog food, after losing his beloved dog Noble at only 4 years old (I can relate to that!).

His recipes are easy to follow and in a table format that shows ingredients, the amount to use, preparation and cooking times. Also given are the calorie and sodium count.

Recipes come with a meal "yield" and how the calories meet daily requirements for toy, small, medium, large and extra large dogs.

If your preference is for cooked dog food then you can get cooking some tasty meals today right here.

Remember there is no harm in feeding some kibble along with your homemade dog food recipes - it is what I do!

An important point about changing your dog’s food.

Diet changes must be done gradually to avoid discomfort to your dog.

When you change either the quality, or style, of your dog’s food you need to do so over a number of days to allow the dog’s system to adapt.

Your dogs' large intestine bacteria becomes accustomed to a certain level of PH within the intestine and any abrupt diet change will trigger a reaction from that bacteria to the intestinal lining to release water, and bring the PH back into the previous balance.

This results in your dog having stomach ache plus diarrhea, or extremely loose stools, and a reluctance to eat.

I would suggest the following 7 day example as a minimum changeover plan, because if you can do it over a longer period it is even better.

DAY (1) Add 10% of new food with 90% old style / quality. DAY (2) Put 15% new with 85% old. On DAY(3) it is 25% new and 75% old then on DAY(4) new becomes 40% and old is 60%. Follow this on DAY(5) with 60% new and 40% old and DAY(6) will become 80% new with 20% old and on DAY(7) the switch is complete with 100% new food.

BARF Diet and recipes

Cooked homemade dog food and recipes

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