Holistic Dog Food - Check it!

My Holistic Dog Food search and research was a bit of a let down for me!

High Expectations.

I admit I was expecting far more in the way of WELL ABOVE Average ingredients and what I got was an OVERWHELMING CONFIRMATION that you must check ingredients as diligently as ever!

I found plenty of Holistic Dog Food products but they failed to meet the criteria that I believe gives us a good dog food, without ingredients that I reason our dogs are better off without.


Here's a couple of examples of what is being "marketed" as "Holistic" and each is a product that I would reject;

1) Solid Gold Dry - the main ingredients are oatmeal, cracked pearl barley, millet, - hold on where's the meat or fruit??

2) Eagle Pack Holistic Select - has dried beet pulp and that is a no thanks from me!

3) Holistique Blendz Adult Dog Fish - only fish and potato before we get to oil

4) Addiction is another product that only has two ingredients before we get to fat.


If you have not already viewed my DOG FOOD INGREDIENTS section of this website then please do so by using the following link which will open a new window.


On the Bright Side.

I did find a couple of products that I would have no hesitation in feeding my dogs as part of their "varied dog food diet".

In fact one is a old favorite of mine and those two products are;

** Candidae and Blue Buffalo **

You can read more on these two products using the following links which will open a new window for each product.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Holistic Review

Canidae Dog Food Holistic Review

It's Just Marketing!

I must say I view the "Holistic" term more as "Marketing Terminology" than that of indicating an expected level of quality ingredients meeting certain criteria, standards, or regulatory requirements.

Very much along the same lines as "natural" dog food there are no regulations on the use of "Holistic Dog Food" so once again it is buyer beware for us dog owners!

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