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EVO Dog Food is manufactured in the US by Natura Pet Products, along with 5 other brands, but I much prefer this brand because it is their only Grain Free product.

Good news for Australia - it is available! (*)


Natura pet products has been purchased by Procter and Gamble which has alarm bells ringing for dog food "geeks" like me!

I do not like other dog food products from P& G and if negative comments start appearing in the various forums that I monitor, in relation to possible affects from ingredient quality changes within Nutro brands, then this product will be removed.

UPDATE - March 2011 - this month I have seen 3 negatives one with a flat out denial from a customer service agent at Nutro that ingredients have changed.

Ingredients might not change but the quality of ingredients can change. In our world it could be say steak - you have the prime cut, the standard cut and the budget cut - it's all the same steak just a grading of quality!.

There used to be a very good Castrol Oil advertisement that said "Oils just ain't oils" and that is true of many things that us consumers are presented with.

I only have to see a couple more concerns from dog owners whose dogs are getting diarrhea and/or/are refusing their Nutro dog food and this product will no longer feature on my website.



Update May 2011

Due to seeing more negative comments I will no longer include this page within my main website pages.


On the brands' website it states;

"Natura Pet Products has developed the ideal Ancestral Diet in EVO - the grain free lowest carb protein rich alternative for your pet."... also there is... "Removing grains and dropping carbs leads to many benefits for our beloved four legged friends."

I'm with them all the way on that topic. I have never seen, or heard of, a Wild Dog, or Wolf, chomping away in the rice paddy or any other form of grain fields!

Quality Ingredients.

Turkey and Chicken Formula from the EVO Dog Food range has 6 ingredients before the naturally preserved chicken fat, and out of those 6 ingredients 5 are meat. Then comes an impressive list of other ingredients, all of which go to make this a notable food.

I also like the Herring and Salmon option, which has 7 meat ingredients out of its' first 10.

All up it's a good product.

Please Note.

There are canned versions of the product range but my understanding is that this is an "outsourced" manufacture to MENU FOODS, which makes Canned Versions of this food a totally UNACCEPTABLE product to me, for the reasons outlined in the Manufacturers section of this website, and I am saddened that Natura Pet Products support Menu Foods in this way.


This brand is exclusively sold through Pets Paradise or Pet Goods Direct.

It appears to me that it is by far the best product available in Australia, as I cannot find a locally produced product that has an ingredient list that can match, or beat it.

If you find one please let me know.

Most Australian made products contain grain, corn, or other ingredients that your dog is better off without!

EVO Dog Food (dry) is a great product and could well be used as part of an alternating food for your dog, to give some variety, which is something I like to do.

With four selections in my dry dog food section a bag of each, to switch around with, would certainly put your dog on the special and spoilt list!

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