EVANGERS Dog Food - Innovators!

Not available in Australia or New Zealand.

Evangers Dog Food was started way back in 1935 by Fred Evanger who could not find a suitable food, for his own dogs, that was preservative and harmful chemical free, so he made his own!

There was a man ahead of his time!

A New Vision and Direction.

Current owners of the business, Holly and Joel Sher, acquired Evangers in 2002, and have made a huge impact on taking the business to the next level, by some very innovative actions.

Rather than having regular suppliers the company uses specialist buyers, to select and purchase, on their behalf, the best quality products available from local sources.

Quality ingredients is of the highest importance for the Evanger Dog Food product.

No rubbish here!

An extensive range is broken down into seven categories which are; Super Premium Gold Dinners - Hand Packed Specialties - Game Meats - Super Premium Organic - 100% Meat Classic - Complete Classic Dinners -Signature Series.

It is stated that there are No Additives, Preservatives, By-products, Corn, Soy, Wheat or Diary Product within their ingredients.

Peace of mind for us dog owners!

Being Different.

Amongst the comprehensive range is Kosher and recipes for sensitive stomachs plus a vegetarian offering, which are good examples of how this company strives to be an innovator, and not an imitator!

There are specific Puppy and Senior recipes in the Complete Classic Dinners and it appears, from the product descriptions, that the other products are for all life stages.

I would prefer to see that noted by the company rather than the way it is currently indicated, which refers, in most cases, to "puppy", "pregnant" and adult without mention of "senior"

Just beginning?

Given their track record, thus far, it is not hard to assume that the "under new management" and "revitalised" Evangers Dog Food company will want to continue to find innovative ways to stand apart from their industry peers!

They are off to a good start!

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