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Our largest Dog Food Manufacturers are household names such as Colgate - Palmolive, Nestle, Del Monte (Heinz), Procter and Gamble and Masterfoods.

Many dog food products come out of the same factory, begging the question, are they basically the same product? This is, of course, hotly denied by our major manufacturers, but you wouldn't really expect anything other than denial would you!

Plenty of brands are manufactured by companies like Menu Foods, Diamond, and Doane Pet Care.

Each of these companies have been involved with pet food recalls because a product of theirs was deemed responsible for pets that died, got sick, or were at risk from a product manufactured by them.

I have read that dog food manufacturer MENU FOODS, at the time when some of their brands were deemed as causing death to pets, deliberately FED CONTAMINATED food to caged dogs TO "MONITOR" the DOGS DYING!

Due to the nature, and deadly consequences, of the contaminated product, those dogs would have suffered a horrific painful death!!

Why, in this day and age, Menu Foods DOG LABORATORY still exists is beyond me, and when you also read that one of their department heads had all of the caged dogs vocal chords cut, because the barking, and other noises coming from the dogs, was annoying, this adds to making their inhumane act of keeping dogs in cages, for live laboratory testing, even more deplorable!

EXCUSE ME department head, could it be because those dogs are in discomfort and pain?

OTHER dog food manufacturers DO NOT SEE the NEED for intrusive and cruel laboratory testing, so how come Menu Foods does?

You will find a list of the 64 brands manufactured by Menu Foods that were recalled in my recalls page.

YES 64 brands out of this one manufacturers' factory alone! They're all different recipes of course!

I mean an extra pinch of salt, or something, in the next recipe means there's a difference in the recipe doesn't it? Why am I such a cynical person - just wait till you get to the Ingredient pages and YOU WILL understand!

I respectfully ask that if you are buying one of Menu Foods brands that you choose another brand. Let it be your protest against their laboratory testing of caged dogs.

Procter and Gamble are one of our major players in dog food manufacture, and have been extremely successful in promoting their product brands "Iams" and "Eukanuba" into Vets as well as general retail and pet stores.

Does dog food manufacturers "Iams" and "Eukanuba" endorse the practice of torturing dogs under the guise of research? There is a videoed report by an employee of the caged dog laboratory, that is responsible for conducting tests on their behalf.

I have viewed this video, which you can find on the PETA (PEOPLE for the ETHICAL TREATMENT of ANIMALS) website - and use the search box for "Iams", HOWEVER, it is a very disturbing video that I can honestly say, that to this day, I wish I had not seen that video.

Again, I respectively ask you to boycott brands from dog food manufacturers that condone testing on caged laboratory dogs.

Already I hear the "But my vet has those brands". Does your vet also have Hills Science Diet? (a Colgate - Palmolive brand)

These two major companies see the benefits of promoting their brands into the "niche market" of vets. Just thimk of the single benefit "credibility" that it must produce for their product brand ranges. If the product is not bought, there and then, it will have "product recall" by the consumer when seen on other dog food suppliers shelves.

Hills Science Diet, Iams and Eukanuba even have "Vets Prescription" or something similar on their labels!

In my own experience "recommended" products from vets have been Pedigree, which was never "on retail sale" from the vet, and, later on, by a different vet, we were introduced to Hills Science Diet.

When I got to understand what ingredients these major dog food manufacturers allow into their products I stopped buying them! Once you have read and understand the ingredient and label pages off this website I doubt you will buy them again either!

Feel free to give my website address to your vet because they need this information.

So what is the best way to select a dog food manufacturer?

I choose to look for small to medium sized dog food manufacturers; well they are in comparison to the huge size of the "household dog food brand owners"!

That company will have their own factory for manufacturing. Often these independent companies will highlight the fact that they control their own sourcing, and manufacturing, on their websites.

To my way of thinking a smaller company is more likely to be product driven. I want the best product I can afford for my dogs so I do not allow myself to be influenced by anything other than the quality and quantity aspects of the product

YES it goes without saying that a better quality dog food will cost you more BUT, there are those of us amongst you who will attest that you will not feed as much food to your dog so you will save most, if not all, of the extra cost PLUS your dog is going to be a lot healthier, which equates to less illness to visit your vet about!

Here's an example I saw "posted on a blog' as I was going along my dog food manufacturers journey. Whilst these results are very impressive they may not be what you or I would experience, due to difference in breeds, and the products we choose to use.

Our author of the "posting" had a Dachshund and a Pomeranian and commented that they used to purchase Purina brand;

18lb Purina (Nestle) Small Bites cost $20 - $25 PLUS 18lb Purina Lamb and Rice at a cost of $25, the Purina lasted 2 months.

So that is 36lb costing $40 - $45 for 2 months which is say 18lb per month at a cost of $20 - $22.50

Our author then switched to;

30lb of Blue Buffalo which cost $42, for a product 6lb less in weight.

After 4 months this product was still not finished by the 2 dogs!

So, even at that point in time, the dog food manufacturer Blue Buffalo was well in front at $10.50 per month, or at that stage half the price! Don't forget there was still food left!

Do you remember I said I would give you an example of "Big Gun Bullying"?

In the BIG corner we have PURINA (Nestle), whose size towers over our SMALLER corner contender WYSONG.

This is a prime example of how a major dog food manufacturer abuses a smaller player in the market place.

To make a long story short it's all about adding PROBIOTICS to the recipe of the product.

Dr.Wysong "invented" the use of probiotics in around 1980 and added it to the Wysong recipe. He never did "patent" its' use, and other smaller dog food manufacturers started to also include probiotics in their recipes.

Was Dr. Wysong a bit slack by not applying for a patent? Probably, but obviously he was happy to share the information because he never tried to stop others using his "invention".

Along the way Purina / Nestle discovered that no patent exists, so they patent the use of probiotics in 1999 and issue notice to Wysong that they are breaching a patent, and that Wysong now have to pay "royalties", to Purina, for use of probiotics in the Wysong recipes!

In this modern day "David and Goliath" battle Wysong is challenging the issuing of the patent, saying there is documented proof that they have been using probiotics for over 15 years prior to the patent being granted, and the patent is therefore invalid.

Should the Purina patent be deemed as valid, then you can expect them to go and pick on every smaller dog food manufacturer that uses probiotics in their recipes.

UPDATE. Wysong win!! I am now waiting to find out if an appeal can be lodged.

From my perspective I am looking for a dog food manufacturer that delivers on product excellence. One that demonstrates pride in what they offer, by being conscientious about the quality of what they manufacture. Simply put I want to be able to have faith, and trust, in a company.

Give me a smaller dog food manufacturer every time!

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