Dog Food Ingredients To Avoid

Knowing what Dog Food Ingredients To Avoid does not mean that you have to become a food scientist or food nutritionist, we simply have to recognize what the fillers and low quality ingredients are, plus those of dubious origin!

Whilst you will find a list of undesirable ingredients here I really recommend that if you haven't already done so you visit the dog food ingredients pages of this website, where you will get a lot more information on how to select the right dog foods.

Here's the list on what dog food ingredients to avoid.

ETHOXYQUIN. Potential Cancer causing agent, is also suspect in allergic reactions, skin problems, major organ failure, behavior problems.

BHA. Banned for humans because of links to Cancer.

BHT. Another one Banned for humans because of links to Cancer.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL. Banned in cat food (causes anemia) still allowed in dog food.

PROPYL GALLATE. Possible Cancer link.

RENDERED MEAT Commonly referred to as "4D product" which means it is ANY source of MAMMAL meat - Dead, Dying, Disabled and EVEN DISEASED! Meat declared unfit for human consumption, waste meat and any out of date meat product from supermarkets, restaurants etc.!

Rendering is a very contentious area as the mammal could be infected with anything, or it could even contain some form of poison!

Argument rages over euthanased cats and dogs being "rendered".

Rotting road kill, and farm animals, are also an acceptable inclusion!

Another argument against rendered meat is " everything gets put in" i.e. any packaging, wrapping material, plastic ear tags etc. as the "preparation" process shreds, slices and dices everything!

ANIMAL FAT. As opposed to a "named" fat i.e. "chicken fat".

"Animal Fat" does not require any explanation as to the source of the fat, and can therefore be, and very likely is, but not restricted to, the fat skimmed from the top of rendering vats. Old grease and fat from restaurants, fish and chip cooking and also from food take-away premises is acceptable!

MEAT and BONE MEAL. This is another "term" used for rendered meat, (4Ds) as is MEAT MEAL, and BY PRODUCT MEAL

POULTRY MEAL. All the left over bits from poultry slaughter, feet, legs, intestines, heads - including beaks and eyes! (do not confuse with named poultry i.e. Chicken Meal, which is more than okay!)

BY PRODUCTS MEAL. It could mean anything!

Hang in here with me, we are around half way through the list of dog food ingredients to avoid!

CORN. It is not easily digested by dogs. Thought to be linked to allergy and yeast infection problems.

CORN GLUTEN MEAL. Waste product of corn after all the good bits have been extracted.

BREWERS RICE. It's a filler made from small milled fragments of waste rice kernels. Do Not Confuse With Brewers Dried Yeast which is perfectly okay.

CELLULOSE. It's a filler under the guise of "fibre" and is made from the waste pulp of fibrous plant material, hell that's sawdust isn't it?!

SOYBEAN MILL RUN. Another use of waste material as a filler, this time it is the ground outer shells of soy beans. Note there are schools of thought that warn SOY of any description SHOULD NOT be used, as there are allergy concerns.

BEET PULP. The use of beet pulp is of a HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL nature.

Argument against this FILLER is that it is used to slow down the transition of rancid ANIMAL FAT, which, in itself, is of dubious origin.

Beet Pulp is accused of causing kidney and liver stress, and is also accused of causing allergy and ear infection problems.

WHEAT. Believed to be the No.1 cause of dog allergies.

UNNAMED PRESERVATIVES. To me it is very suspicious when preservatives are not named. I suspect they are hiding the ones that have negative overtones, because of Cancer links, such as BHT, BHA etc.

That's my current list of dog food ingredients to avoid!

As I said earlier there is a lot more information on dog food ingredients in another part of this website, this following link will take you there.

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