Dog Food Additives - A Nightmare

What an absolute nightmare this Dog Food Additives page turned out to be!

Doing the "search and research" produced so many differing opinions, for the level of "danger" of various additives, it truly was head shaking stuff!

If the so called "experts" cannot agree what hope have us everyday non-scientific folk got?!

Next problem in trying to make some sense is when the reference to the additive can use - numbers only, numbers with a letter in front, or long winded unpronounceable names.

To confuse even further comes the varied use of all, or part, of those referencing methods!

Quick Reference - Dog Food Additives To Avoid.

These are the "most commonly mentioned" food additives that you do not want in your dog food.

Colors; Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40, Blue 2

Preservatives; BHA, BHT, Propyl Gallate, Propylene Glycol, Ethoxyquin, Phosphoric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Glyceryl Monostearate.

Sulphite preservatives have been linked to pet deaths and are in the 220 - 228 number range (with or without the "E") also names to look for are; potassium sulphite, sodium metabisulphite, sulphur dioxide, sodium sulphite.

Would you believe sulphite preservative is permitted as an enhancer for dog food to keep it looking fresh!

Butchers have also been caught out using it to keep human meat looking fresh - usually after the food inspectors working week has ended!

If you have any concerns a simple DIY test kit is available from the Merck Chemical company.

Supplement; Menadione is a synthetic vitamin K3 and is banned in many countries because of concerns relating to permanent health damage, side effects and even death.

Look out for the notation "vitamin K supplement" or "a source of vitamin K" even double check a straight out "vitamin K" claim.

Vitamin K1 and K2 are not synthetic and are considered safe.

Other names attributed to this synthetic K3 are menadione sodium bisulfite, menadione sodium bisulfate, menadione dimethylpyrimidinol bisulfite, menadione dimethylprimidinol sulfate, menadione dimethylprimidinol sulfite.

Also be aware that the word "menadione" MAY NOT APPEAR in front of the description!

Here's an Example:

This is one of the unwanted dog food additives, (a Flavor - also referenced as Flavor Enhancer), that I have seen in 4 different referenced ways:-

635 or E635 or Sodium5-Ribonucleotide or Disodium Ribonucleotides 5.

Just how much confusion do they want to cause!

A Great "Numbers" reference Chart.

I saw a lot of "charts", whilst putting my dog food additives information together, but the one I really like is from the website of an Australian natural healing practice, called Middle Path Health and Awareness.

What I particularly like is that it covers the all areas of "E" and "Number" additives namely;

Flavor enhancers, Food coloring agents, Preservatives, Thickeners, Emulsifiers and Stabilizers, Antioxidants and Acidity regulators, Anticaking agents, Glazing agents, sweeteners.

Don't forget that when you are looking on ingredient listings these can be shown with or without the "E" in front of them.

If you wish you can have a look by using the following link, which opens a new window.

Numbers to Avoid Chart

Safety First Tips.

Look for products that have "No artificial Flavors, Additives or Colorings"

Buy certified organic dog food or go the B.A.R.F. method with either certified organic or buying human grade meat. Perhaps you may even consider cooking "homemade" as an option.

Check out the "fresh" dog food roll and food versions found in the refrigerated section of specialist pet food stores.

Avoid buying "pet food mince and meat" as it could contain undesirable additives - buy fresh meat from your butcher, and even then not anything labeled "pet"!

One thing that is very apparent is the higher rate of dog food additives in the poorer quality dog food products, however it does not mean that higher priced products do not contain some of these unwanted additives, so do check your selection.

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