Canidae Dog Food Reviews

In Canidae Dog Food Reviews we are going to look at what differences make them a Holistic Dog Food or, as many call it, a Natural Dog Food.

As I have mentioned before it would be better if the term Holistic (and also Natural) had some form of criteria and regulation that had to be complied with, but alas it is not so.

However on saying that there are a few manufacturers that are trying to set themselves apart by offering a distinctive quality product. One such product is the holistic range of Canidae Dog Food.

Update Note - Canidae is repackaging and their expanded Grain Free "pure" range is worth having a look at.

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What to look for.

In fact you are looking for what is not there!

Here's a list of stuff you will not want to find in Holistic Dog Foods;

No corn - No wheat - No soy - No grain fractions - No gluten - No fillers - No artificial preservatives.

Most of the time I favor Grain Free but there are menus which do include some quality grains and are worth considering, to give some variety for your dog.


For their meat components Canidae Dog Food menus use Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Beef, and Ocean Fish. They also make use of diversified carbs, fruit, herbs, eggs, plus various vitamins and enzymes.

To make your selection do look at the ingredients list in each variety, as they do not follow the same "path" of ingredient inclusion.

Dry or Canned?

One of the benefits with this range of dog food is it is available in both formats.

Whilst I guess we almost always think along the dry food option when you are doing your own Canidae Dog Food Reviews you will find the canned food range offered is also a high quality product, and would make a pleasant change for your dog to have some included in the feeding regime.

Canidae Dog Food Reviews

Maybe it is more of a case of how the range available sits with me, as opposed to a boring analysis of ingredients in each product!

I have always said that I know within a heartbeat as to whether I would feed a given product to my dogs - it doesn't have to be rocket science - you need to be able to quickly detect the good from the bad.

Understanding ingredient positioning, what is better left out and seeing through the label hype is all important and throughout this website I show you my selection criteria, hoping it clears "muddy waters" for you!

1) Grain Free ALS* (*means All Life Stages)Formula is my first pick.It has Chicken meal, Turkey meal and lamb as first 3 of 5 ingredients before chicken fat. Then follows Lamb meal and Ocean Fish meal. Good value product.

For me this product outshines the rest of the range in the Canidae Dog Food Reviews but I have listed the remaining products in what would be my order of preference, for this brand.

For full information on Grain Free ALS click on image

2) All Life Stages formula. This is the "standard" ALS and you will soon pick the ingredient difference! Chicken meal, Turkey meal and Lamb meal are the first of 10 ingredients before Chicken fat. Then 5 of the other 7 ingredients are grains. Coming in a lowly 5th after the Chicken fat is Ocean Fish meal and Lamb is not included in this menu.

3) Grain Free Salmon. Just 4 ingredients before oil with Salmon meal 1st and Ocean Fish meal 4th. In between are Potatoes and Potato protein after that not much to excite!

4) Beef and Fish. Beef, Ocean Fish meal, Oatmeal then Beef meal are the first 4 of 10 ingredients before oil. Other than peas the rest are grains.

5) Lamb and Rice. Lamb meal is the first of 6 ingredients which except for the peas are grain. Then comes oil which is in turn is followed by Lamb.

6) Chicken and Rice. Chicken meal is the first ingredient. Again 6 ingredients but this time before Chicken fat. There is no further meat inclusion in this menu.

Don't forget it is what is left out of Holistic Dog Food that makes the difference (as per the list at the beginning of Canidae Dog Food Reviews) and this is one manufacturer who is prepared to have a point of difference, and some health benefits, in the dog food they produce.

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