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What is the Best Puppy Food to feed your pup comes with a couple of questions that need your consideration first.

Has your puppy only had mothers milk?

If so then you would probably be best to start with a puppy formula and slowly introduce your pup to solids over a week or so. To go straight to solid food will upset the pups stomach and cause discomfort.

Has the puppy been weaned and is already eating solid food?

If so in the first instance CONTINUE WITH THE SAME brand and style of food.

Not doing this means your puppy will suffer stomach upset and discomfort.

Switch to your preference over a week or so by putting a small amount of your preference in with the "has been eating" food and gradually increase your food amount untill a complete changeover has been made.


Day (1) Give 10% new food with 90% old

Day (2) Give 15% new with 85% old

Day (3) Give 25% new 75% old

Day (4) Give 40% new 60% old

Day (5) Give 60% new 40% old

Day (6) Give 80% new 20% old

Day (7) 100% new food.

This may seem a bit of a nuisance but your pup will not get stomach upsets if you take this approach.

Have you a Large Breed puppy?

Large breed puppies need a different formulation of their foods. It is important that their food does have controlled levels of calcium and phosphorus, plus contain more fiber.

Best puppy food for large breeds therefore is one that has a recipe that addresses the pups special diet requirement

General Feeding Tips.

Just before we get into the Best Puppy Food selections here's a couple of things to do.

To begin with (and if possible) feed your puppy three times a day up to the age of four to six months old. If three feeds are not possible then feed at least twice a day during puppyhood.

From puppy food switch to a food that states it is "suitable for all life stages".

Changeover from puppy food to all life stages food should be done by adding the new food amongst the existing. Starting with a small amount slowly increase the changeover food proportion. Best for this to be done over a week or more.

You can introduce feeding only once a day in a similar changeover fashion going from say 50 - 50 (food split half morning / half evening) to 35 - 65 to 20 - 80 to a couple of healthy treats - 100%, and then drop the treats, if you wish.

Those proportions are for switching to main meal evening, so just reverse the quantity order if you prefer main meal morning.

Remember when your dog starts getting older twice a day feeding becomes the better option, in which case you may wish to stay with twice daily feeding.

Change food, and food styles, around every so often and see just how much they love the variety of foods you are giving.

Couple More Puppy Hints.

Just before the links for Best Puppy Food here are a couple of "now's the best time" hints;

Have plenty of patience with your puppy they've got a lot to learn and understand. It doesn't come "built in".

Puppies will make mistakes and have mishaps. Do not try to teach by "dominant force" - people who want to hit things should go to the boxing gym.

Teach by humane methods such as rewards of either treat or toy playing. There are plenty of helpful training guides available.

This following link will take you to an excellent option (new window opens)

Puppy Training

Get some of those puppy floor pads and teach your puppy to use them. Even when your puppy is getting used to going outside these are ideal for any unexpected "overnight need" that your puppy may have during the "transition period", and will save you having to get out of bed!

Socialize your puppy as much as possible with all size and ages of dogs, as it will lead to better behavior as they grow up.

Training from puppyhood is by far the most enjoyable - you'll get a million laughs along the way! If you have a local puppy school great if not then DIY with help from a quality book or CD course.

Follow puppy school / training by either going to an adult dog training club or there really are some good DIY products, as I mentioned above.

DIY training gives you so much more flexibility of course.

If you have not used the previous link do have a look here (new window opens)

Puppy Training

Once your dog has training think about enrolling with a dog fly-ball club, or agility club, (some do both) and just watch how much of a good time your dog has (and you will as well!).

Both activities are for all shape and sizes of dogs (and owners!) and just so much fun.

Fly-ball and agility will keep all of the family exercised!

Your Best Puppy Food awaits!

These following links will take you to a best puppy food DRY, CANNED, LARGE BREED, plus an ORGANIC puppy food option.

You will finds links to each alternative on the bottom of the various pages, so as you can "travel" between pages.

I wish you and you puppy many happy hours together - it is a very special time, in both of your lives!

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