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Q. Is the Best Dry Dog Food the best type of food for your dog?

A. If it is then it needs to be a food properly selected by ingredients!

There are some pretty ordinary products out there!! Some opinions believe dry dog food should only form a part of what is being fed.

One thing for sure is you are spoilt for choice when you see just how many brands, and varieties, are available! Then there is all of those other options to take into consideration, and believe me it is mind boggling to say the least! Been there, done that!!

Dry Dog Food is what I think of as the "Fast Food" option!

It is just so easy to buy, handle, store and serve that there are no surprises in learning total sales represent between an estimated 50 and 60% of the market!

Given the size of the market it also attracts a vast array of manufacturers, ranging in size from the small family owned business, that usually "specializes", to the giant multi - nationals

What is the Best Dry Dog Food for YOUR dog?

Only you will be able to determine that!

It may mean a bit of trial and error. There are too many variables to consider with age, general health, allergies, fitness, and a whole host of other things that need to be taken into account.

What is known is that the quality of the ingredients, can vary enormously and you must be the judge as to what food is giving your dog optimum health and vitality. Nobody else - and I mean nobody! - can tell you what is the best dry dog food for your dog.

You will know if your dog re-acts to something within the food, but in most cases, if you are changing to a quality food, all of the reactions will be positive!

If you have any major concerns then you should consult with your vet, and explain why you are choosing to change your dogs' food, especially if it is from a food that has low quality or dubious ingredients, as listed in the commercial dog food section of this website.

Remember, if your vet has recommended a product then you may find some resistance, but explain what you have seen on this website, about ingredients, and suggest the vet takes a look also. My vet could not believe what I had uncovered!

Finding the Best Dry Dog Food

1) As with anything there is GOOD and BAD and unfortunately that sometimes relates to price, however NOT ALWAYS, as many heavily marketed products bear a "premium price" but fail on quality and value for your money. Do your research because you will be surprised!

In the Need to Know section, of this website, I explained the criteria I use for selecting a Best Dry Dog Food. I look at the INGREDIENTS list. I reject, or accept, on that basis alone, because all that glitters is not gold!!

I an convinced those guidelines will help you sort out the GOOD from the BAD, when it comes to Dry Dog Food!

2) Does your lifestyle allow you other options, other than Dry Dog Food, because without doubt this feeding method is by far the easiest, for the busiest of people! Just ensure you buy the right product ingredients!!

BUSY PEOPLE NEED DOGS! Dogs are the greatest therapy. Just five minutes, with your best friend, will relax you beyond belief!!

3) Do you need to work to a budget? If so it does not mean that you have to buy the cheapest product.

Your dog will eat raw, or cooked, vegetables, and cooked, or raw, meat scraps (not too much fat - if any - and NOT meat that has been processed i.e. ham, salami etc.) and make sure the scraps are "plain" food i.e. no sauces or flavorings and no onions, garlic or other foods deemed not suitable.

You may need to "mince" all of the scraps up, but it will allow you to feed a better quality ingredient list, from a Best Dry Dog Food option.

A quality ingredient food source, such as will be found in my Best Dry Dog Food selection, will mean your dog needs less to eat, so make sure you read the recommended feeding guidelines on the label, or on the manufacturers' website.

My daughters' dogs will eat all of her waste vegetable scraps left prior to the cooking pot, as well as the cooked leftovers, as part of their food!

My dogs are more fussy and they require the "minced" version!!

Other Considerations.

If you plan to feed only dry food then the consensus, of many of the manufacturers opinions, of dog food sites that I have visited, seems to be that it is good to change the recipe / menu on a regular basis. This is not only to give your dog variety but, by differing the ingredients, your dogs immune system gets benefits from each different food group.

Store the product in "human grade food containers", preferably still within the packaging the dog food came in. This will maximize freshness and prevent deterioration.

Bye-the-way expiry dates on dry dog food should be adhered to, despite what the re-seller might say! I have been told on more than one occasion that they are good for 6-12 months after the date stamp....that is just NOT TRUE, according to the manufacturer I contacted! They do deteriate.

Here is my "basic" food switch plan;

An important point about changing your dog’s food.

Diet changes must be done gradually to avoid discomfort to your dog.

When you change either the quality, or style, of your dog’s food you need to do so over a number of days to allow the dog’s system to adapt.

Your dogs' large intestine bacteria becomes accustomed to a certain level of PH within the intestine and any abrupt diet change will trigger a reaction from that bacteria to the intestinal lining to release water, and bring the PH back into the previous balance.

This results in your dog having stomach ache plus diarrhea, or extremely loose stools, and a reluctance to eat.

I would suggest the following 7 day example as a minimum changeover plan, because if you can do it over a longer period it is even better.

DAY (1) Add 10% of new food with 90% old style / quality. DAY (2) Put 15% new with 85% old. On DAY(3) it is 25% new and 75% old then on DAY(4) new becomes 40% and old is 60%. Follow this on DAY(5) with 60% new and 40% old and DAY(6) will become 80% new with 20% old and on DAY(7) the switch is complete with 100% new food.

Ensure there is a bowl of water at all times for your dog - there is no moisture at all in Dry Dog Food. Your dog will need to drink on a number of occasions, usually straight after the meal and then a bit later on.

Just below are links to my Best Dry Dog Food selection, - ones' that I am comfortable with and meet my selection criteria.

When I discovered what goes into some brands of food I was appalled, and even more so because the products I was feeding (at that stage) were recommended by a vet!

My dogs went from being very indifferent at feeding time to the complete opposite! These days they cannot wait for their food to be put in front of them - no coaxing to eat required!

They need less food than before and they are full of life, plus there has been huge improvements in skin and coat condition.

I have always feed Dry as a PART of my offerings to my dogs. I do not use the same manufacturer for my dry and wet versions of Dog Food.

These links will take you to the four products that I feel are the Best Dry Dog Food and products that I am comfortable with, plus my comments on each of them;

Best Dry Dog Food - view option 1

Another Outstanding Dry Dog Food - view option 2

This Is Also An Excellent Dry Dog Food - view option 3

Certainly A Superb Dry Dog Food - view option 4

AUSTRALIA - here's one for you!

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