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Snaring the perception of having the Best Commercial Dog Food is very big business, and it has attracted some of the worlds' major companies. Names that we know, and feel we can trust.

Unfortunately, in far too many cases, I have found that our trust is abused!

Here is where we are going to look into the Good the Bad and the real Downright Ugly areas of Commercial Dog Food manufacturing.

We will go behind those "Smoke and Mirror" marketing tricks, and dig out the TRUTH!

One thing I've discovered is that, as far as I am concerned, there is a huge lack of what I consider should be industry wide morals and ethics.

Major manufacturers pertaining to have the best commercial dog food don't seem to give a hoot!

Once you get to know the "who" and "how" of manufacture then you get to understand why the dog food recall list was such a major disaster, and why the deadly consequences were so great.

I am about to save you so much time, and eyestrain, with this simple message - DON'T BOTHER WITH - dog food reviews, top 10 lists, analysis, or comparisons, because you need only to understand two things to become a great Dog Food Detective.....labels and ingredients.


HOLD ON, HOLD ON! Before you go rushing off!

Reading labels and ingredients is fine BUT you need to look at the "big picture" of dog food which is whether you are going to select dry, canned, natural, organic, vegetarian / vegan, Barf, raw, homemade!

YES, the full "commercial" aspect of dog food, is covered here!

From the following segments you will be armed with the information that will assist you in deciding on what dog food to buy.

You are about to become a "Detective" for the Best Commercial Dog Food!!

(1) Who are the major players in commercial dog food manufacture and why are they a problem

I will EXPOSE the commercial dog food manufacturer who deliberately fed contaminated food to caged dogs to "monitor" how they died! Do you think you can trust Vet recommended brands? My personal experiences say NO!

Who do I consider as the better choice of Manufacturers - ones producing the best commercial dog food? All is revealed!

There is also an example of how a "Big Gun" goes about "Bullying" a smaller manufacturer. It's a new twist to the "David and Goliath" battle!

Select "MANUFACTURERS" from the Table of Links, following shortly, to find out more.

(2) Labels are primed to tempt you - your dog cannot read! To me many labels lie because they LEGALLY bend the truth!!

I will REVEAL how Manufacturers get away with what are purely "Marketing Tricks" designed to deceive us into believing we are buying value, quality, or extra benefits for our dogs. It's very much a case of "all that glitters is not gold"!

A label almost shouts that you have found the best commercial dog food, but is it?!

From the Links Table, that follows shortly, click on "LABELS" because it really is "BUYER BEWARE"

(3) What an eye opener INGREDIENTS will be. I have no doubt that this segment will shock and amaze you.

LEARN THE TRUTH on what a minefield the area of Ingredients really is. You will not believe how much rubbish is considered as an "acceptable" inclusion into your dogs' diet!

You could quite innocently be paying top price for what you believe to be the best commercial dog food, but in fact you are buying a low quality, inferior product!

I will DISCLOSE how you can protect yourself from being ripped off, and how to get the best commercial dog food product for your hard earned money! Within a heart beat you will recognize whether you put the product down, or consider it further.

Find out what Commercial Dog Food Ingredients that CAN CAUSE CANCER, and other life threatening illness and diseases, they are banned for us humans, but are allowed in your dogs' food.

You will DISCOVER all when you click on the "INGREDIENTS" link from the Links Table not too far below

(4) RECALLS It was a deadly tragedy but the infamous Commercial Dog Food recall list was a "wake up call". You can certainly take steps to protect your best friend.

What is not commonly known is that a recall of some kind is averaging out to be about ONE PER MONTH!

That's the bad news, but, on the good news side, there are steps you can take to MINIMIZE the chance of your dog becoming a "victim".

In fact you can ELIMINATE the risk completely. Just below is a Links Table so click the one for "RECALLS" for more information

(5) AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) have a look and see if you agree with me, it's like "Putting Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank"!!

Without doubt the original concept for AAFCO was noble BUT has the Association been unwittingly plunged into becoming an "authority" in areas, and on subject matters, which were never intended for it's consideration? Possibly? probably?, we are unlikely to ever know!

My belief is that you SHOULD NOT RELY on AAFCO to be the guardian for ethical labels on, and proper safe ingredients going into, your dogs' food - it should be YOU!

Better off without AAFCO?

Definitely not!

Join me for more on AAFCO by going to the Links Table below and clicking on "AAFCO".

Select from this TABLE OF LINKS for more information.

To go to Dog Food Manufacturers click here

To go to Dog Food Labels click here

To go to Dog Food Ingredients click here

To go to Dog Food Recall click here

To go to Dog Food AAFCO click here

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