Bad Food For Dogs - Take Care

So what is Bad Food for Dogs?

In my world it comes three ways which are sort of defined into the (1) "additives" which manufacturers put in, (2)the "it'll be okay to give to the dog" and (3)the "undesirable ingredients".

It might seem harmless but it's not okay.

In the past I have been guilty by offering food items to my dogs that I was unaware of just how dire and bad the consequences could be - that was until I embarked on my "search and research" for this website!

In my case it was grapes, but I was lucky that my dogs were one step ahead of me, at that time, and did not eat them!

I did know about chocolate though and had a scare one Easter time when my dogs got into the kids chocolate eggs whilst we were out.

On returning home we found all that was left, from a number of chocolate eggs, was some foil wrapping and cardboard carton pieces.

There was some sorry looking dogs around who were not their usual bouncy selves, and in fact looked pretty "spun out" with glazed eyes - obviously one of the symptoms from chocolate overdose!

What was not funny was the vet bill - and I do not think the dogs found having their stomachs pumped out much fun either!

They were very subdued for a few days I can tell you!

What we feel is a harmless food item (I mean we eat it don't we!) can be life threatening, toxic, or a health disaster food for our dogs!

A pleasant BBQ with friends is often a time that dogs will get the "leftovers" which could not only include meat items but also onion, sauces, spices etc. - onion is also a "no go" for dogs, as are many sauces and spices either on, or in, the meat.

There are many foods are not okay for our dog and we need to be aware of them and the reasons why.

Undesirable Ingredients.

For me one of the most important areas of knowing what is bad food for dogs is for dog owners to understand ingredients.

Good news is it is not "rocket science", and once you know what to leave out, and what the balances should be, selection of your dog food becomes very simple.

If you have not already visited my ingredients section you can here.


Whilst there is bad food for dogs, bad ingredients, plus bad additives that may be in their food, there are also two other areas of concern that us dog owners need to know about, namely some household items and some plants / vegetation your dog should be steered away from.

I've put them together in the "plants and your dog" page - well you're here so why not have a look!

These following links will get you into each different area.

To go to Food Bad For Dogs click here

To go to Dog Food Additives click here

To go to shortlist of Ingredients To Avoid click here

To go to Plants and Your Dog click here

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