About Me

Thanks for stopping by.

About Me is purely to introduce myself and give you some insight as to why I put dog-food-aid.com together.

CONFESSION - I am an obsessive Dog Lover!

My name is Paul, however, I have also been given the nickname of "Chook", (no, you don't want to know!) and since I answer to both you get to choose which one you will know me by!

My website is all about giving information to other dog owners / lovers on what food choices we have for feeding our fur covered family members - YES - whichever way you look at it, whether your dog is a lap pet or a four - legged security device, we will (or should) treat them with respect, and our support, because they are part of our family group (or pack).

Dogs may have their ancestry in the Gray Wolf but somewhere along the way some of them chose to "adopt" humans as an easier source of obtaining food - rather than "hunting" for their own - pretty smart animals I would say!

Since we took the responsibility to feed them we should also be prepared to accept the other side of the coin in ensuring the correct care for them, which takes in all aspects of their health; food, exercise, etc.

In return dogs give us unequivable loyalty. We have a best friend for life.

Dogs in my life have been a "Bitzer" (mixed breed) we called "Paddy" and was our first family dog plus my Aunt had a magnificent Irish Wolf Hound named "Tosh". Next came Airedales (Suki and Sally) they were our last dogs before I grew up and eventually had my own home and family.

The first dog my wife and I loved was a Chihuahua (Zak) who was given to us because he was part of an "unexpected" litter, and the owners of the "parents" wanted good homes for the puppies, as opposed to money.

I never thought I would be an owner of such a small dog but I have to tell you that little ball of mischief gave us endless hours of fun and love.

Shetland Sheep Dogs (miniature Lassie dogs!) joined our family, once Zak had gone to the big kennel in the sky, and they were named "Zakehta - ("Kehta" for short) and her daughter who we called "Suky".

Next came Shih-Tzu/Maltese cross (Raffles, and his sister Lady) who were later joined by two adopted dogs "Sammy" (miniature Maltese) and "Matrix", another Shih-Tzu/Maltese cross.

What prompted me to put this website together?

Losing our precious "Lady" to cancer far too early in her life.

I have dedicated this website to Lady and will continue to update and improve this website as an ongoing project in honor of her memory.

Shortly after the loss of "Lady" a malignant cancer tumor caused "Raffles" to have a kidney removed!

Alarm bells started ringing - one dog deceased through cancer and now another with cancer!

I searched, and searched, and searched, for answers.

What I discovered - and uncovered - about some commercial dog foods shocked, amazed, and disgusted me.

I immediately changed my dogs diets and all of us have never looked back!

With a change of food, and some herbal treatment to boost his immune system, "Raffles" cancer was halted.

"Raffles" has now joined his sister "Lady", but his well-being, after I changed what I was feeding him was dramatic - full of life, bright eyes, waggy tail and a great coat. He was almost like a reborn puppy!

"Sammy", is nearly 16 years old now and is also still running around like a puppy. As the years have advanced "Sammy" has become deaf but has learnt sign language really well!

Due to an allergy with plaque on his teeth, which was giving him pain and discomfort in his mouth, "Sammy" no longer has teeth (only possible cure is full extraction), but boy can those gums give his food a workover!

"Sammy" also loves to give face rubs now, which he never did before, because his gums etc. were hurting too much through infection.

**R.I P.** It was with heavy hearts and many tears we had to say goodbye to our little trooper Sammy on 27 July 2011.

"Matrix", who we think is between 12 and 13 years old now, (remember we adopted him and was told he was about 3 years at the time), is "100% full on", and enjoys his life "to the max"! "Matrix" will welcome everyone with a hello bark and that smile, bright sparkling eyes, and a tail almost wagging itself off, he just melts hearts!

"Matrix" had two owners before us, but they could not put up with his "excitement and high pitched bark". We are so lucky to have this bundle of fun in our lives and those two previous owners just didn't "get" how truly wonderful "Matrix" is. We win!!

WELCOME "RUSTY" (March 2012). We have adopted "Rusty" from a dog rescue agency and he is another Shih-Tzu Maltese cross that was given up as "unwanted" at - we are told - the age of six years!

He seems to have been cared for in some ways as he is very well mannered and friendly - except that he was never properly groomed - his coat was very dirty and matted with knots, resembling a sheep's fleece when it was removed by the rescue shelter groomer!

Boy oh boy has "Rusty" fitted in well - he and "Matrix" have an absolute ball playing together! They rumble, they tumble and they wear themselves out - such fun - and so good to watch and enjoy!

2nd September 2012 and "LULU" enters our lives - which I might add have never been the same since!

"Lulu" is another dog that needed adopting and with such a cute face and waggy tail she was a heart melter the moment we all saw her.

Not to sure what "Lulu" has in her parents but she is small with long wiry hair, half bent over ears, and a Maltese look to her face. We are told she was around 18 months old when we adopted her.

"Matrix" and "Rusty" have not been given any peace since this whirlwind came to live - she is a full on "let's play" machine and "Rusty" is the one she picks on mostly!

So that's the "family" for now, and I'm thinking that is how it is going to stay - "Lulu" is going to keep all of us on our toes for quite a while!

I am convinced that so many dogs deaths, and ill health, these days, is because of what is allowed to be put into their processed food - much of which is so called "premium", but in many cases "premium" only relates to the pricing structure, not to the quality of the product!

My sincere hope is that by sharing what I have learned through "searching and researching" for answers, to prevent premature death, and in getting better health for my dogs, I can help other dog lovers.

For me this is an ongoing project so there will always be updates and new products etc. being introduced on my website so I do hope you will take advantage of the RSS button, so as you can check back and see the "latest news" on dog-food-aid.com, and please send my website address to as many dog lovers as you know - we need to spread this information around as far, and wide, as possible.

Thanks for being here and may you, and your beloved dog, (or dogs!) have a long, happy, and fully enjoyable, life together.

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