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I Compare Dog Food and look at food options including Dry, Canned, BARF, Natural, Organic, Holistic, Vegetarian and Vegan.

This website is Dedicated to "LADY" our beautiful little dog who was taken from us by cancer far too young.

In her memory I will - as best I can and as an ongoing project - continue helping dog owners find healthy dog food options.


It's here that you will find The Best Dog Food Guide, with Easy To Understand Information and Priceless Help.

You will certainly be able to make an Informed Choice on What To Feed Your Dog, after reading what I have Personally Discovered and how I compare dog food.


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From this comparison method of dog food you will find the Best Quality Dog Food, and thus be able to form your own list of Top 10 Dog Foods that you can feed your dog.

Got Dog Food Questions?

As a caring owner for many dogs over the years I already know many of the questions that you will want answers to!

I had the same questions, and I spent endless hours, days, weeks and months going from website to website looking for those answers that would give me information so as I could properly compare dog foods.

This website combines all that I've learned along the way.

An important point about changing your dog’s food.

Diet changes must be done gradually to avoid discomfort to your dog.

When you change either the quality, or style, of your dog’s food you need to do so over a number of days to allow the dog’s system to adapt.

Your dogs' large intestine bacteria becomes accustomed to a certain level of PH within the intestine and any abrupt diet change will trigger a reaction from the bacteria in that intestinal lining to release water, and bring the PH back into the previous balance.

This will result in your dog having stomach ache, plus diarrhea, or extremely loose stools, and a reluctance to eat.

I would suggest the following 7 day example as a minimum changeover plan, because if you can do it over a longer period it is even better.

DAY (1) Add 10% of new food with 90% old style / quality. DAY (2) Put 15% new with 85% old. On DAY(3) it is 25% new and 75% old then on DAY(4) new becomes 40% and old is 60%. Follow this on DAY(5) with 60% new and 40% old and DAY(6) will become 80% new with 20% old and on DAY(7) the switch is complete with 100% new food.

In this website I will inform you on The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly manufacturers!

I'll also show you how to see through the "Smoke and Mirrors" Marketing Tricks of those Labels and Ingredients.

You will learn how those Corporate Marketing Magicians make ethics disappear, before your very eyes!

It would be remiss of me not to mention the infamous Recall List. My concern is that it could easily happen again, but the good news is, that by reading through this website, you can take steps to prevent it happening to you and your dog.

My purpose with is not to give you a collection of "dog food reviews" but to share with you the information that my own search and research uncovered, that enabled me to properly Compare Dog Food.

I know that, like me, you will be shocked, and amazed, at what came to light, when I started digging for facts.

THANK YOU for caring enough about your dog to visit my website.

I am certain that you, and your dog, will benefit immensely from the time you spend here.

Please use the Facebook buttons at either the top, or the red ones at the bottom of the pages, and help me "spread the word" about healthy dog food options.

After the video (a little history on dog food which I found interesting, and thought you may also enjoy) each of the links that follow describe that website segment.

From the "nav" bar I recommend you start at the "Need To Know" one first, to understand other components, and my related comments, throughout this website.

Let our journey begin - let's go and COMPARE DOG FOODS and all the aspects that go with it.

Best Commercial Dog Food: Commercial Dog Food Ratings, Commercial Dry Dog Food
Best Commercial Dog Food Manufacturers, Understand Labels, Ingredients, Commercial Dry Dog Food Comparisons, Dog Food Recall
Dog Food Ingredients - BEWARE!
Know Good and Bad Dog Food, Compare Dog food Ingredients, Pedigree, Hills, Iams, Purina, Natures Recipe.
Bad Food For Dogs, Foods Dogs Should Not Eat, Food bad for Dogs
Looks at Bad food for dogs and other Food Bad For Dogs, plus other Foods Dogs Should Not Eat.
SWITCHING DOG FOOD - Switching From Puppy Food To Dog Food
SWITCHING DOG FOOD must be done slowly. Changing dog food and diarrhea is a common problem. Switching from puppy food to dog food needs care. Do not switch dog food too fast.
BEST DRY DOG FOOD : Best rated dry dog food, Dry Dog Food Reviews.
Best Dry Dog Food, Best Rated Dry Dog Food, Dry Dog Food Reviews.
Best Canned Dog Food
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BARF Diet For Dogs - BARF Food - Raw Food Dogs
BARF Diet For Dogs - BARF Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, Raw Meaty Bones, It's not a new concept .
Homemade Dog Food Recipes - Warning!
There are a lot of homemade recipes online that are far from adequate in balanced nutritional needs - some scary stuff! Don't risk unresearched homemade dog food recipes.
Dehydrated Dog Foods - Two Methods
Dehydrated Dog Foods come in two dehydrating methods namely freese dried or the more traditional method of air drying. This selection highlights the best of dehydrated dog foods.
All Natural Dog Food: Natural Dog Food Diet, Natural Holistic Dog Food.
All Natural Dog Food, Best Option, Check recipes, Natural Holistic Dog food ,Natural Dog Food Diet, Natural Dog Food
Natural Organic Dog Food : Best Organic Dog Food, Organic Dog Foods.
Natural Organic Dog Food. Find Best Organic Dog Food, Organic Dog Foods -USA/CAN-UK-AUS-NZ, Dog Food organic
Holistic Dog Food, Best Holistic Dog Foods, Holistic Select,Unregulated=Check Ingredients
Vegetarian Dog Food. Review, Supplement, Best, Vegetarian Dog Foods
Vegetarian Dog Food, Review, Canned and Dry, Supplement, Nutrition Books, Dog Food
Vegan Dog Food, Review, Brands, Vegan Dog Foods
Vegan Dog Food, review of brands, check recipe for undesirable ingredients, dog foods
Best Puppy Food. Compare Puppy Food. Large Breed Puppy Food
Best Puppy Food. Compare puppy food. Best dry puppy food, large breed puppy food, organic puppy food. Wellness puppy food plus others reviewed.
Best Food for Senior Dog - Senior Dog Food.
Does a senior dog need special food? Senior Dog Food. Selecting best food for senior dog.
Dog Food Allergies - Causes - Best Dog Food For Allergies
Dog Food Allergies can be overcome. Licking paws, scratcing, biting, can all be symptoms. Is it something else or dog food allergies?.
GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD - Why? Best Grain Free Dog Food
GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD is supported by many that say grains are not part of the dogs' natural diet. Does Grain Free dog Food prevent dog food allergies?
Hypoallergenic Dog Food. Dog Allergies. Limited Ingredient Dog Food.
Hypoallergenic dog food is the best dog food for allergies. For help against dog food allergies start with a hypoallergenic dog food.
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Dog Arthritis - Pain relief for dog arthritis.
Dog arthritis is so common yet few people know there is help. A natural dog arthritis product that DOES WORK!
Medical Assist - Emergency and other Health Help
Medical Assist is for Emergency and other Health Help
Waggers Essentials
Waggers Essentials is where I will be placing information about services, products and stores that I hope will enhance your dog ownership experience. Plenty to spoil your dog with, and helpful stuff.
Dog Food Blog
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